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Nana: Layer-7 proxy daemon

For a previous version of Simulation Platform, I developed a UNIX daemon that proxies TCP connections to the daemon to specified host and port depending on the protocol. The source code is available at GitHub.

Article alert

I launched new article alert on Cerebellar Platform, which reports new articles related to the cerebellum published in last 1 month.

Cerebellar model

I have implemented the following cerebellar timing models and published at Cerebellar Platform. I also wrote a review paper.

  1. Cerebellar gain and timing control model (Yamazaki & Nagao 2012 PLOS One)
  2. Adaptive leaky integrator model (Steuber & Willshaw 1998 Neurocomp)
  3. Tapped delayline model (Desmond & Moore 1988 Biol Cybern)
  4. Recurrent network model (Buonomano & Mauk 1994 Neural Comput)
  5. Oscillator model (Gluck, Reifsnider & Thompson 1990 Book chapter)
  6. Internal clock model (Yamazaki & Tanaka 2005 Neural Comput)
  7. Delayed feedback model (Chapeau-Blondeau & Chauvet 1991 Biol Cybern)
  8. Phase converter model (Fujita 1982 Biol Cybern)
  9. Spectral timing model based on mGluR activation (Fiala, Grossberg & Bullock 1996 Neur Netw)
  10. Spectral timing model (Bullock, Fiala & Grossbers 1994 Neur Netw)